This is Der Massagelehrling

Beni Tellenbach - Der Massagelehrling. Ich helfe dir entspannt und beschwerdefrei durchs Leben zu gehen.

Your health and well-being are my concern. I, Beni Tellenbach, will gladly help you to walk through life in a relaxed and uncompressed manner. At Beckenriederstrasse 54 in Buochs, I offer you competent consultations and treatments in a pleasant atmosphere. For quite some time I have been fascinated by the processes in the body and the human musculoskeletal system, which can be limited by many factors. With a wide variety of manual treatment techniques, it is possible to improve the quality of life again and enjoy life without restrictions.

In order to support you in achieving this goal, I have opted for the med. Massager at the HPS School of Healing Practitioners Ebikon. Beginning my apprenticeship in summer 2018, I will have successfully completed my training in summer 2021. Since the beginning, I have been fascinated by the positive effects and consequences of the various massage techniques, be it scrubbing, foot reflex zone, lymphatic drainage, etc.

Also very effective and used by me is the DORNmethod and BREUSSmassage, which rebalances the spine.

The psychozone massage I offer is a benefit for body, mind and soul. Thanks to this very fine massage technique it is possible to relax very quickly. Fine pressure stimulates energy trajectories and different points on the foot. This causes the body and mind to sink into deep relaxation, where transformation is possible. It is suitable for:



Sleep disorders

Fears / Examination fear

climatic disorders

different types of addiction



Lack of concentration

Through my special scar suppression technique using a manual pressure pointer or the Novafon Medical sound wave therapy device, unsightly and/or noticeably increased scars can be smoothed and beautified.


As a Burgerstein Microcare premium reseller you benefit from my expertise when it comes to the optimal supply of vitamins and minerals (preventive or after surgery, broken bones, torn ligaments etc.) of your body.


I am happy to be there for you at "Der Massagelehrling".